Buying wholesale fabrics direct from the manufacturer is an intelligent decision for your business.

Our advantages

Trading house “Melanzh-Tekstil” is widely known in many regions of Russia. For many years we have been supplied major sewing companies with the best fabric. It’s easier and more profitable to buyfabrics in Ivanovofrom us. We are themanufactureron our own, so we can offer the best terms for all our partners. Fabric, designed for evening wear and casuals, is useless for special clothing because of different specialization. Primary areas of our business are manufacture and selling of special fabrics which are resistant to atmospheric condensation, industrial waste and high thermal mode.

Tight-knit group of professionals and like-minded persons has been formed in this company during the years of successful manufacture of cotton, polyester andblended fabrics. We more than produce goods of high quality. We do our best to help you to buy these goods profitably and easily. We are very reliable suppliers of fabrics. And it would not profitable for us if you paid up for our goods.

That is why, if you need cheap wholesale fabrics, you have already found them. Our long standing partners can expect bonuses.

Our marketing experts regularly control prices of our rivals, for you can receive the best offer.

We have extensive storages, where we are able to keep a large assortment of goods, for several major customers can buy wholesale fabrics at once. We carry out the delivery of goods in other regions of Russia very quickly.

Its always profitably, reliably, easy and securely to make deal with us. There cant be any delay of delivery, unexpected price increase and changes of terms of contracts. We are disposed to long-term cooperation. We are pleased to make our contribution to development of your business.

Fabrics for special clothing have their own peculiarities

1. The main difference is high tenacity of such material. It provides manufactured goods with longevity in service.

2. Manufactures made of such fabrics protect a person reliably from getting wet and freezing.

3. Material withstands negative effects of chemical agents (oils, alkalies, acids, etc.).

4. Manufactures made of such fabrics are cleaned and pressed easily.

Due to such characteristics these fabrics are popular with making special clothing for different activities. Another important characteristic is hypoallergenicity of such fabrics, so they cannot be environment of different microorganisms.

One can see special clothing made of our fabrics in various parts of Russia. We are glad to work together with any customers. There is no matter for us whether you buy strong party or you place a single order.

You can buy from us fabrics for special clothing in large assortment. During the years of working we have manifold increased it in order to comply any wishes of our customers maximally.

To sell wholesale fabrics for special clothing, as well as to manufacture them are business, which requires professional approach. Harmonious activity of our staff at any stage of filling of your order (from filling in documents till shipment of cargo), high quality of suggested goods, short term of delivery and tempting prices will convince you that you have chosen the right partner.

The complete line of our goods and their basic performance characteristics are in section Goods on our web-site.

The most popular fabrics for special clothing

At the present time blended fabrics for special clothing are in maximum demand among our permanent customers. These fabrics have got their name because they are not homogenous. They consist of several types of fibers. To buy wholesale blended fabric from us is as easy and profitably as any other goods. Addition of fibers of different origin give it some extra chemical and physical properties. These fabrics dont get out of shape. They are well-ventilated. Manufactures made of such fabrics has long lifecycle.

Using of synthetic yarn for manufacturing blended fabrics enable us to produce material of different colors and gradations. For synthetic fibers are far better dyed than natural ones. So you can buy inexpensive fabric of various original coloring and patterns. You have an unrivalled opportunity to buy high-quality, popular with current pipeline goods at the best prices. Manufacturers can produce bright special clothing of any color scores.

Blended fabrics are successfully used for sewing of uniform and corporate clothing. In our catalogue you can make yourself aware of blended fabrics, which we manufacture. Such material is appropriate for any needs.

Blended fabric is synthetic on one side and natural on the other side. Buy wholesale fabrics from us. Ivanovo is the city which is famous by manufacturing of different fabrics. And our company dominate in this area among all similar manufacturing companies.

If you decide to buy wholesale fabric, we will be always at your disposal. We have everything to gladden our partners – large assortment, short term of filling of orders and low prices.

Special tent-cloth is appropriate for manufacturing quality cold-proof types of special clothing. At your desire we can manufacture this material with mosquito and antiencephalitic steeping. If you need tent-cloth, you can buy it in our Trading house at a reasonable prices. Material is always in stock.

Future development

According to the experts growth rates of market of special clothing is going to increase steadily. One of the basic tendencies of development of the textile market is growing manufacturing of fabrics for special clothing.

Its rather easy to explain. Material, used for producing such goods, is made for protection of human being in the first place. You can buy from us fabrics which is completely satisfy the requirements for materials, used for sewing special clothing for employees of those departments, where its forbidden to work without uniform. Production of material for sewing of individual protection equipment is getting more popular, due to rapid development of the market of such branches.

Experts consider quality of fabrics, used for manufacturing, as a guarantee of quality of special clothing. And we absolutely agree with it. That is why we manufacture only high-quality fabrics. Ivanovo offers wholesale large assortment of similar goods. Material for individual protection equipment, produced by

Our company, has all requirement performance characteristics.

Employees, which are obliged to work in special clothing, dont want to see it as a shapeless wrapper. Modern special clothing has pleasant coloring and style. Modern technologies of fabric manufacturing, which are used in our company, enable special clothing to be not alone sensible, but pretty as well.

We manufacture such quality fabric, which help such clothing to look perfect even after long term of strong service. All kinds of these fabrics are resistant to high-temperature laundry and dry-cleaning.

We regularly expand the assortment of fabrics for special clothing. Protection properties of special coverings, which we apply to fabrics, give them optional functionality. They slow down heat waste, repel water, oil and mud from a surface, prevent from ingress of wind.

Its easy to care for clothing, made from our fabrics.

Our experts always help you to study out our large assortment of fabrics for special clothing, so you can choose right.

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